Thursday, October 23, 2008

Introducing China Greenspace

This blog is about China's environmental future, and what it means for the rest of the world. It uses the word "greenspace" to refer to the intersection of political, social, economic, and ecological dimensions of environmental change in China. It's about the big picture (though it will occasionally covers the very small).

First, a brief introduction: I'm a recent graduate of Princeton University, now a Fulbright Fellow with the Environmental Economics and Policy Study Group at Peking University in Beijing. My interest in China's environment began during my time as a student at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, where I helped to monitor the health of several coral reefs. Over the course of my two years in Hong Kong, I saw China's economic growth take a steady toll on the ecosystems that I studied. I've returned to China because in the environmental field, as in so many others, China's future portends that of the world at large.

Second, a disclaimer: Nothing I say in this blog represents anything other than my own opinion. And it's by no means an authoritative one. If there's one thing I know from studying China's environment, it's how much I don't know. This blog is less about what's been done in Chinese environmental studies than what is left to do.

So, third and finally, an invitation: please comment, contribute, and criticize. We're after the Truth, after all.


  1. Great to find your blog! It's quite good and detailed so far. Keep up the hard work. I also studied at Beida last year, though I was doing their Chinese language program. Currently, I'm studying for a masters in Environment and Development at the London School of Economics and will likely be moving to Hong Kong/Guangzhou area after I graduate. It's always nice to meet people interested in China and the environment, so I hope we can meet next time I'm in Beijing.


    Stanley Chiu (facebook)

  2. Scott,

    Found you from China Environmental Law. Have had a glance around and it looks good. Not sure if you've seen the Garnaut Review - its an Australia 'version' of the Stern Report. Garnaut has much better understanding of China than Stern does however, and has a whole chapter on the implications of China's growth for climate change.

    If you're interested, we cover these issues quite a bit at East Asia Forum. Would be well worth your checking it out.